Building Relationships

“We've been building relationships since 1980,” Rick Kuhn says proudly as the CEO of Kuhn Construction Company. “We've been able to establish a lot of trust with our clients,” he says. “There are probably 12 companies doing what we do in this area, but our clients call us again and again.”

Rick goes out of his way to establish rapport with the clients, making sure that he knows as much about what the client wants and needs as the client does. “We establish a high level of trust and then we deliver a quality product. And the referrals keep coming in. “Our relationships with our clients are an extension of our relationships inside the organization. I trust the people we ask to work for us, both those who are permanently on the payroll and sub-contractors we bring in for a particular job,” says Rick.

The Way We Work

The job, of course, can be a lot of different things. Kuhn Construction is flexible enough to be able to tackle virtually anything from relatively simple handyman fixes to an entire kitchen remodel to the complexities of a second-story addition! 

The first thing we do when we meet with a prospective client is to figure out exactly how best to serve them. That means spending some time listening to the client in order to find out what they want and what they need. Sometimes, that may not be quite the same thing. So, we make suggestions. We ask questions. Then, after we've got a firm concept in mind, we begin the bidding process. 

After Rick visits your home to look at the work you need bid you can expect a proposal to arrive in the mail within two weeks. The proposal will contain a work description and we make sure it covers the full scope of work. If something needs to be changed all you have to do is call the office and we'll make the necessary changes!

The "General Notes" section of the contract will include an estimated completion date and a specific payment schedule - two very important items for you to be aware of! It also includes our photo release which allows us to take photos throughout the building process. We occasionally use photos taken during the renovation for our blog and the finished product may just appear in our marketing materials - much like the work you see here on our website. Again, if any questions arise, please let us know.

While work is in progress at your home we keep what we call a "staging area". This is where all of our tools and supplies are kept to minimize clutter and keep out of your way! We understand that having work done complicates your daily life & we do our best to stay out of the way. We work incredibly hard to keep our work areas partitioned off to make sure dust and debris aren't getting into other areas of your home. During the project we also keep a "client log" in your home to have consistent communication with you on-site.

Rick, or any of our staff, is available to you at any time during your remodel. Please do not hesitate to call us at (314)966 - KUHN or email us at and we'd be happy to help in whatever way we can!